Silica Gel

Synthetic Amorphous Silicon Dioxide(SiO2)-Sorbent/Sorbead Silica for industrial use are supplied to meet customer's requirements. It is a hard granular desiccant with the appearance of crushed glass. It is slightly softer than ordinary window glass, odorless, insoluble and nonconductor of electricity. Its action in adsorbing moisture is purely physical and there is no change in size or shape of the particle as it adsorbs vapour. Silica Gel has a very strong affinity for water, which give it an adsorption capacity of over 40% of its own weight at 100% relative humidity.

Its major application is moisture adsorption from air/gas streams and from organic liquid such as ethanol, benzene, etc. It is also used for preferential chemical adsorption to remove polar contaminates from non polar solvents-e.g., butanol from butyl chloride. Indicator Silica Gel is used where visual indication is required to show the need for regeneration. Granular and beaded, indicating and non indicating silica gel,etc, are supplied by us exactly to customers specifications.