Ceramic Balls

Our PG66, PG67, PG74, PG80 series balls are ideal and standard products used in oil & gas industries and refineries. Technical Data Sheets pertaining to each categories of the products are available on request. Oxide have been supplying to almost all leading refineries for more than two decades. Our clients use Oxide support balls with confidence by specifying our product code for repeat orders to avoid ordering substandard products. Most of the clients know that Ceramic Balls with poor quality will damage the process and the refinery may have to shut down prematurely incurring huge damages. Our products PG74, PG80. withstand all known tests including hydrogen depressurization so that the user could be rest assured of the quality of the support they are using.
Oxide Product PG67

Ceramic Balls, Catalyst Bed Support

Typical Chemical Composition
Al2O3 + SiO2(%) 90-96
TiO2(%) <1.5
Leachable Iron(%)≤ 0.1
Typical Physical Properties
Free Space(%)40-48
Particle Density (gm/cc)2.3-2.4
Hardness(MOHS Scale)>6.5
Operating Temparature(oC) < 1000
Bulk Density(Kg/M3) 1300-1600
Size,mm 3 6 13 19 25
Size Range, mm 2-5 5-7 11-14 17-21 23-27
Crush Strength(Kg) >25 >55 >170 >430 >635

Sizes Available

1/16" 1/8" 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" 5/8" 3/4" 1" 1 ¼" 1 ½" 2"


Polythene lined steel drums of 280Kg(200 Liter),Polythene lined 25Kg/50Kg bags or super sacks of 1000Kg.

Above are typical specifications of Catalyst Bed Support produced by us. We can manufacture & supply to customer's specific requirements. Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS) and Test Certificates are provided.